Art-venture Kids’ Studio Logo

I haven’t introduce our logo officially, am I? Thought of doing so, but keep on delaying till I realize Jan is almost over! huh!. It’s a simple character of a boy and a girl looking extremely happy with their art tools and colors. and that’s just what you can expect our classes would be!

I’m a mother of four myself, and I know how tension it could be for both MUM and KIDS with work, homework, schoolwork, tuition etc. So this studio is a place for us to channel out our tension creatively, get messy and refresh ourselves!

Anyway, the logo is made by a very talented artist name Nur Hayati Yusof (ET) who happen to be my friend & house-mate during my uni time in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Check out her blogs for commission artwork  likes doodles, caricatures, painting, etc or just for cuci2 mata!

Click here “doodle designs” and it goes straight to her arty world!

Thanks ET!

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