Picasso Inspired

This is just another entry on one of my boys – Irfan, 10 years old. My boys like to draw cartoon and anime characters. I had enough of that so one day, I challenged Irfan to draw the real people – starting with his own self portrait. As a guide, I showed him Picasso work of art like the one on the left and discussed a bit about his style.

My real message was to let him knew that self portrait didn’t have to look exactly like you and in anime or comic style!! Even a great artist like Picasso didn’t draw himself exactly the same – somehow this portrait here looked more like a job of 12 years old.. hehehe.. (to get him inspired, I told him how much people willing to pay for Picasso works and he went Haaaa???!!!)

Next, I asked him to look in the mirror and remembered how his hair look like, his smile, etc and decided what to include and what not.

I have to say, I’m quite surprise with the result!!! Below are his other works – his real passion I might say……

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