artventure kids challenge with recycle corrugated paper

This is another project done when we have another 15 min left in the studio. Saya beri kanak2 ni strip of corrugated box paper yang direcycle dari kotak2 lama dan suruh mereka buat simple art using what ever they can grab around them.  It’s just something for them to relate with tv programs that they used to watch – Artzooka, Art Attack and Finger Tips, semua program tu mesti ada sessi art/craft challenge..

It’s another uniqueness of Art-Venture Kids’ Studio – we are flexible, we don’t just do it according to book, we always try to relate with what the kids love to watch, what they want to learn more coz sometime they see crafts on tv and want to try but they can’t do it at home, so if time permit, I’ll do my best to let them try it in our studio – even if it means extra usage of materials and my time but.. my motherly instinct just can’t let them go without trying!!. After all, it’s a FUN THING TO DO 😉 If the project takes time and additional material, we’ll put it in proposal list of next projects.

Alyaa came up with an idea dari Art-attack or Artzooka (can’t recall) – A long bunny frame to put up several photos . Hazirah decided to draw comic strip… “It’s a teenage love story” She said.. hehehhe too much of Disney teenage dramalah ni….

And the boys as usual, only thought of things yg boleh diguna untuk bermain.. Tali pinggang berkuasa Kabuto, or was it  Agito? some kind of Mask Rider..whatever…. and they just grabbed apa yg sempat untuk jadi accessories tambahan – pedang from kitchen tissue roll and mask yg pernah dibuat dulu..