Hi! Readers

Huhuuuuu… lamanya tak update blog!!

But to those yg like our fb pages, hopefully terubat juga dgn several updates kat sana..

Senyap sunyi bukan bermakna tiada activities tapi macam2 kerja nak buat, nak tempek gambar punyalah malas..

Okay..this entry is just to let you guys know that we are mobile! Sooo, if you are  interested to have an art & craft workshop at your workplace, school, kindergarden etc, just wa/sms/pm us at 019-3371514  and let us know your details. We’ll try our best to meet your expectation, Insyaallah…

Below are some of what we’ve done in Ecoworld Open House in JB and Kementerian Komunikasi & Multimedia Malaysia. Yuppp… we do cater for adults too!!!

And next workshop should be in Kota Bahru, Insyaallah! Thank you all for your support!




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